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The "Aoaokichijitsu TSURUGA WAKASA" Tour Campaign Official Website is operated by the Executive Committee of the 2024 Reinan Visitor Attraction Campaign. This website provides various information about the six Reinan cities and towns.

site policy Site Policy

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In principle, you are free to link to the home page of this website (https://aoaokichijitsu.jp/), and you do not need to contact the 2024 Reinan Visitor Attraction Campaign Executive Committee.
Unauthorized links to other pages are not permitted.
However, links that are displayed in frames or in any other way that makes the content appear to others to be part of your site may violate copyright laws.

* We may ask you to remove the link if the content of the linked site violates the law or public policy.

Links to Third Party Sites

Third party websites linked to or from this website are not under the control of the 2024 Reinan Visitor Attraction Campaign Executive Committee and we are not responsible for any damages caused by the content or use of these third party websites.


While every effort has been made to ensure the content and accuracy of this website, the 2024 Reinan Visitor Attraction Campaign Executive Committee is not responsible for any damages incurred by visitors as a result of accessing this website, or for any actions taken by visitors based on the information contained on this website.

Links on this website merely refer to the URL of the linked page and the Executive Committee does not guarantee the content of the linked page. Similarly, the Executive Committee is not responsible for the content of any other sites linked to this site.


Copyright in the content of this website is owned by the 2024 Reinan Visitor Attraction Campaign Executive Committee and the respective stores listed on the store pages. Except as permitted by copyright law, unauthorized reproduction or retransmission of the content is strictly prohibited.

In addition, when store photos are used on this website, we have obtained permission to post them on the website.

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You can check the handling of your personal information on the official website of the "Aoaokichijitsu TSURUGA WAKASA" Shuukai Campaign. Users of this website can use most of the services without disclosing their personal information.

Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this website for the attention of all users. Please note that you will be deemed to have accepted the changes when you first access and view this website after the changes have been posted on the website.

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