The Power of Travel at the Most Sacred Place of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line

Experience the power of travel at the ultimate sacred place on the Hokuriku Shinkansen


Tsuruga-Wakasa Trip

In March 2024, Tsuruga and Tokyo are finally connected by the Hokuriku Shinkansen. The Wakasa area, which flourished as the kitchen of the Imperial Court in ancient times, is just around the corner. The clear sky and the blue of Wakasa Bay are connected. The colorful blue of the Mikata Goko (Five Lakes of Mikata), where seawater and freshwater mix. The various shades of "blue" will sometimes take you to a fantastic world. Tsuruga and Wakasa are also home to places associated with the Yin-Yang path and places where various rituals have been handed down from generation to generation. How will a trip to Tsuruga/Wakasa change your "future"? A trip to Tsuruga and Wakasa will not end with just appreciating and eating; something special awaits you.

青々吉日 ~Tsuruga/Wakasa Trip

access Access to Tsuruga

  • Tokyo

    Hokuriku Shinkansen

    3 hours and 8 minutes minimum


  • Osaka

    Ltd. Express Thunder-Bird

    1 hour and 9 minutes minimum


  • Nagoya

    Ltd. Express Shirasagi

    1 hour and 35 minutes minimum


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TSURUGA WAKASA Sports Challenge Festival" will be held! Participate in sports events and win gorgeous prizes!

Click here for information on Reinan events.

You can enter the campaign to win gorgeous prizes by participating in sporting events held in the six cities and towns of Tsuruga and Wakasa. Why don't you challenge various seasonal sporting events while surrounded by the lush nature of Tsuruga/Wakasa?

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