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About Tsuruga and Wakasa

It is "the last holy place" reached by the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

In March 2024, Tsuruga and Tokyo are finally connected by the Hokuriku Shinkansen. The Wakasa neighborhood, which has long been a thriving imperial and court kitchen, is right next door.

There are many different "blues" here. The blue of the trees and grasses, majestic in their layers of branches and leaves. The colorful blue of the mix of saltwater and freshwater in Mikatagoko Lake. The color blue sometimes invites us into a fantastical world.

The good stories and rituals of the land. Extraordinary experiences surrounded by sacred air. That's the way it should be. In Tsuruga and Wakasa, there are places associated with yin and yang and various rituals that have been passed down. A journey that doesn't end with viewing and eating, where you can feel something special.

Encountering the bounty of nature, meeting people, and getting to know the land. How will traveling in Tsuruga and Wakasa change your "life from now on"?

We hope today is a good day for all of our visitors.

photograph Landscapes of Tsuruga and Wakasa